About Chai

Chai (Tea)

  Chai is Tea in Indian. In India, tea making has a long history and is one of the cultural habits the British ( and the rest of the world) have adopted. Black Tea with spices and herbs sweetened with hot milk and or some sort of sweetener sounds like a recipe for deliciousness. If you are a  tea lover, you probably have tried Indian style tea or Chai , if not , you dont know what you are missing. In India, Chai heals all that ails you and for good reason,the ingredients have powerful antioxidants.   


  There are a few super spices that are consistent in Chai variations such as ; cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, fennel, clove and black pepper . Cloves, in particular, is considered to be one the most powerful natural antitoxin around.

Health Benefit

   Packed with antioxidants Chai has been used in India to boost immune system settle digestive problems , anti inflammatory to ease arthritis, reduce risk of heart disease, nausea, just to name a few. Having Chai as a daily routine instead of coffee or soft drink would go along way in promoting positive overall wellness and health.       


  The quantity, quality of ingredients and process will determine the final flavor profile and healing affect. Our favorite way to make Chai is to combine equal amounts of water and coconut milk in a pot heated (not boiling) drop in a pinch of each previously mentions spices and herb along with 2 .5 teaspoons of Black tea .   


   We hope you enjoy our Chai and all the natural flavor it has to offer just like we do.....Thanks!